‘Unseen’ review: Once you start watching, you will get up after finishing the series.

Ever since the Coronavirus epidemic has entered the country, the entertainment industry has released a number of crime thriller series. Many of these crime thriller series has managed to impress the audience, but some such series have also come, which have brought the enthusiasm of the audience to the sky. If you were waiting for such a web series, then Sony Live App’s ‘Unseen’ is for you.

Story of the series:

The story of the ‘Unseen‘ web series revolves around the Atwal family living in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, whose men carry a coin in the area. The head of the family shoots in the forehead of a dancing girl at her son’s wedding. The Atwal family makes full arrangements to suppress the murder, but when the incident took place, a cameraperson was present there to shoot the wedding. He captures this murder on his camera. While the people accompanying him help the Atwal family in suppressing the case, this boy gets involved in trying to tell the truth to the police.

A few hours after this murder, an honest policeman from Bengal arrives in Manali. He is investigating a murder that has taken place here, the wires of which are related to the same girl killed by the Atwal family. Will the police be able to solve both these cases? And what problems they will have to face in solving this, this is the story of the series.

Highlights of the web series:

‘Unseen’ makes the web series its writing and editing special. Directed by Siddharth Sengupta, Mohindra Pratap Singh, Umesh Padalkar, and Varun Badola, the world of ‘Unseen’ has been decorated by director Ashish Shukla with his brilliant direction. They have presented the truth of the patriarchal society on the screen with no knowledge and you are forced to think that the civilization we give is like this? The praise for the ‘Unseen’ web series cannot be complete without praise from Editor Rajesh Pandey. He has shaped each episode so brilliantly that the viewers wonder why it had so few episodes?
Marji Pagdiwala’s camera work, Anindita Somitra Chaturvedi’s set designing, and Anud Dandi and Shivam Sengupta’s background score add to the life of the series.

Now let’s talk about the great actors of the ‘Unseen’ series .. There is no known face in this series, in whose name you can get excited to see this series, but when this series ends, you become a fan of all its actors. Each scene of ‘Unseen’ adorned with such brilliant artists as Apera Porwal, Ani Zoya, Ankur Rathi, Abhishek Chauhan, Aanchal Singh, Varun Bhagat, Harsh Chhaya and Debyendu Bhattacharya is unmatched. All these actors fit into their respective characters.

Series Negatives:

In the ‘Unseen’ series, there are similar things that bother you, but it can be said that the makers could have kept some scenes close to reality. The makers have shown the Atwal family so powerful, but a policeman from Bengal suffocates them so much that all his men start fluttering, which is a bit strange.

Final verdict:

There have been many crime thriller series in the last few months, with which big names were associated but they all look pale in front of ‘Unseen’. If you are fond of watching good cinema, don’t miss ‘Unseen’ at all. On our part, we give 4.5 ‘stars’ to the Sony Live app.

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